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Vintage 1920s Le Narcisse Noir by Caron Parfum Baccarat

Vintage 1920s Le Narcisse Noir by Caron Parfum Baccarat

Narcisse Noir was launched in 1911. Created by Ernest Daltroff. Pronounced "NAR-SEESE-NWAR", the name means "black narcissus" in French.

It is classified as a floral oriental fragrance for women. It begins with a fresh flowery top, followed by a dry floral heart, resting on a sensual floral base.

Julien Viard designed the bottle for Narcisse Noir and it was originally made by Cristalleries de Pantin, later editions were made by Baccarat. This design had become so successful that rival perfume companies adopted the floral molded stopper design for their own Narcisse themed fragrances. However, these copies were inferior to those produced for Caron both by Pantin and Baccarat. It was such a problem for Caron that the company sued the Du Moiret Co., New York for selling their Narcisse perfume in a similar container.
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